AS400 JDBC adapter problem

Hellow everyone,

I am running wM IS v6.02 on a winXP system. I am using the 4.2 JTOpen jt400.jar file. (Also have tested with jt400.jar files over the past 2 years.)

I get this error immediately after defining the TableName on a JDBC Adapter Service running a Select statement:
[ART.114.205] Adapter Runtime (Metadata): Unable to lookup the
resource domain values.
numDigits (0): The parameter value is out of the allowed range.
on tables.columnInfo [Ljava.lang.String;@4a694e
java.lang.Exception: Adapter values are not available.

My JDBC adapter connection is defined as:

XXXXXX.connection:salesData Details
Connection Type JDBC Adapter Connection
Package Name XXXXXXXX
Connection Properties
Transaction Type NO_TRANSACTION
DataSource Class
serverName XXXXXXX
password ******
Other Properties

Coincidentally, it looks like the number of fields in a file may be a culprit here. Files I’ve tested with from 13 fields up to 33 fields and more cause this error. While files with 10 or less fields work fine.

Has anyone encountered this before or know how to resolve this?

We have discussed this issue earlier. It relates some PDF applied to AS400. You need to check with IBM to find the correct PDFs for the jt400.

Yes you were right, but it wasn’t a Java ptf nor a jt400 ptf. According to IBM, this problem is corrected by upgrading from SF99502 (DB2 UDB for iSeries Group PTF for V5R2) level 10 to level 11. Level 11 was last updated (release date?) on January 26, 2004 to correct some problems (JDBC & ODBC among others listed.) This upgrade needs to be followed by an IPL (done this weekend) in order to use the changes, and I’ll test again on Monday.

JDBC seems to be working fine… no apparent problems.
The Operations group didn’t need to download the whole Group PTF, they just needed to apply 11 ptf’s from that group.
Those were:
5722999-MF31569, 5722SS1-SI10293, 5722SS1-SI10621, 5722SS1-SI10690, 5722SS1-SI10743, 5722SS1-SI10745, 5722SS1-SI10746, 5722SS1-SI10784, 5722SS1-SI11143, 5722SS1-SI10955, 5722SS1-SI11364.

I hope this information can help someone else.