AS400 Adapter Error

Has anyone seen these two errors?
I am using wM version 6.0.1 AS400 Adapter version 1.0 (Description RPG/JDBC Connection )

“Adapter Runtime (Connection): The pool doesn’t have a connection available for the request.”

“RPGCall execution failed. Connection was dropped unexpectedly.”

I am processing the edi data batch-wise. I see this error while trying to call AS400 adapter service which is used to execute a command program in AS400. But when the service runs again for the next batch there will be a connection available and the adapter service will be executed.
Do you know why the pool does not have a connection available sometimes and why the connection is getting dropped unexpectedly?.
Here is the adapter connection management properties.
Enable Connection Pooling true
Minimum Pool Size 1
Maximum Pool Size 30
Pool Increment Size 1
Block Timeout (msec) 1000
Expire Timeout (msec) 1000

What should be the value for minimum pool size and minimum db connections? If the value is 1 and if there is a db conn failure, will that bad connecton object alive in the pool?


Try setting the Minimum Pool Size 0,and this will create a connection only whenever a request is made.You will see the difference and this is what we have followed in our oracle/slq jdbc connections and this makes not fail when ever db outages or if it is up again after maintainence schedules etc…


Thanks RMG. What should be min connections for wmDB alias?


set Minumum Connections=0

Hi Guys,

I have same issue as mentioned in the post.

These are the errors i got.

The pool doesn’t have a connection available for the request. and Unable to run adapter service. Error occured when connecting to resource.

and the service is run sucessfully the next time.

These are the connection properties:

min pool size:0
max pool size:30(used to be 10 i increased to 30 still i got the same error)
block time(msec)=1000

1)Is there any way we can find out how many active connections are in webMethods at that particular instance.

  1. by reloading the package or disabling and enabling the connection,can all the active connection be closed.


Hi all,
Iam trying to insert values in a database and its giving me errors.

The error its giving is " Exception in execution TABLENAME in LIBRARYNAME not valid for operation "

Why is it giving the error ?

Thanks in advance.

insert statement may fail becoz of following reasons.

  1. check both table exists in the library also both library and table name are correct.

  2. the mentioned table has the journaling property to be true.

3)Check the DB connections.

  1. particular fields types in the table.

Hope it helps.