As my scheduling simulation.

Hello such, I have a requirement for a client who is doing a simulation, the problem I have I want to specify a date range (one month) but I want it on Saturdays and Sundays do not take them as working days. I want to set the following times: Monday to Friday open from 9:00 to 18:00

Can you help telling me where I can find these options please.

I think you might want to create a custom picker (drop downs or other input controls). Our Date range picker doesn’t support this type of customization.


Hi mimel:

Rather, what I intend to do is a simulation of a process by customizing the time of the simulation. I see a tab called “Run Settings” is here I set my schedule simulation.

The hours and days I want to customize are the following. Monday - Friday / / 9:00 to 18:00 Hrs

Can you customize this in the simulation?

Note: May attach a picture for reference.

Ahh, i thought you were building a UI. This process simulation question should be posted to a different forum. Please post this to the Business Process Management (BPM) forum.


=) Ahhh, Ok

Thanks, Regards.