AS 400/JDBC Adapter issue

Hi Guys,

These are the errors i got.

The pool doesn’t have a connection available for the request. and Unable to run adapter service. Error occured when connecting to resource.(I have seen a thread which shows thesame issue and the resolution is setting th emin pool size to 1)

and the service is run sucessfully the next time.

These are the connection properties:

min pool size:0
max pool size:30(used to be 10 i increased to 30 still i got the same error)
block time(msec)=1000

1)Is there any way we can find out how many JDBC Adapter connections are active in webmethods at that particular instance.

  1. by reloading the package or disabling/enabling the connection,are all the active connections closed.

P.S:I have posted this thread as an extension to the thread which ri=uns on the same issue.


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