Array of Constants in LDA

I have an LDA that contains an array of constants

The LDA editor truncates the Miscellaneous field. Overtype a + on the first position to invoke a pop-up. You’ll have 5 more bytes for your constants. :slight_smile:

If that isn’t enough space, you’ have to use the .E line command. Natural won’t give you the initialization options if you’ve specified CONST or INIT in the Miscellaneous field, so you’ll have to clear the CONST values first, then re-enter them on the initialization screen.

On the Extended Field Definition Editing screen, select Single Value Initialization, not Free Mode Initialization. Single Mode has an option to “Define as CONSTANT (Y/N)”. When you return to the LDA editor screen, you’ll see a C in the T column, denoting the initial constants.

Thanks Ralph. I see this in Nat4. Is there a way to do it under Nat316? If not, this change will have to wait till post-upgrade.

I don’t recall this being in 316, Chris, and I no longer have access to that version to verify it. Sorry.