Approve/Reject process and Looping

Hi, All.

As anyone who has read my previous posts knows, I am new to the WM BPM functionality. I still feel like I’m missing something basic. Here is a question that, if illuminated, might move me along…

I’m envisioning a basic perform/approve/reject process. If the result of the perform is rejected, I want it to go back into the perform step. If I have any inclusive joins downstream of the perform process, as soon as I close the loop the designer starts complaining about inclusive joins not being allowed in a loop. I’m concerned about the reason why this occurs and what it says about how the process engine is working in a looping scenario. I was wondering if anyone understands the technical nature of this error condition, why it’s an error, and how looping affects the state of the process (including the state of join evaluations).

This also makes me wonder what a standard execute/approve/reject cycle looks like in a WM BPM. Is it typically implemented without looping? Is there some trick that makes it look like it isn’t a loop?