Applying IS7.1.2 SP2 Fixes

Hi all ,

Bit new to applying fixes ,

Wanted to apply all the fixes IS7.1.2 SP2 , do we need to individually install all the fixes … or there is a method to apply all at one go. Can you please detail the procedure.

Any ways i started applying 7.1.2 Core Fix 9 for SP2 ,
The procedure it detailed is as :

6.0 Installation

  1. If you have not already done so, install any required fixes
    and service packs identified in section 3.0.
  2. Start Integration Server if it is not running.
  3. Create a backup of jcode.bat or on Windows and UNIX
    respectively located in the
    <webMethods_directory>\IntegrationServer\bin folder.
  4. On Windows platforms, unzip into
    On UNIX platforms, extract the contents of into
    To do this, use the following jar utility:
    (from the IntegrationServer directory)
    …/jvm/<platform_jvm>/bin/jar -xvf <fix_location>
  5. On Windows platforms, edit the IS_DIR and JAVA_DIR values
    in jcode.bat as below:
    SET IS_DIR=<webMethods_directory>\IntegrationServer
    SET JAVA_DIR=<webMethods_directory>\jvm\win150\jre
    On UNIX platforms, edit the IS_DIR and JAVA_DIR values
    in as below:
    Note that the jvm directory sol150 mentioned above is
    specific to Solaris. Make sure you use the relevant directory
    on other UNIX machines.
  6. In Integration Server Administrator, in the “Packages”
    area of the navigation panel, select “Management”.
  7. Click “Install Inbound Releases”.
  8. From the “Release file name” list, select
  9. Click “Install Release”.
  10. From the “Release file name” list, select
  11. Click “Install Release”.
  12. From the “Release file name” list, select
  13. Click “Install Release”.
  14. Restart Integration Server.

…but bit confused on that the WmPublic and WmRoot already exist … so are we intending to have two packages with different name on the IS …or keeping the new pkg disabled is fine :frowning: