Application Monitoring Problem


one of our customer use “TOPAZ” to monitor his application. In this process the tool accepts / unaccepts a special task, to ensure that the application is available. The problem is that this process triggers the counter for task updates and after a while the Task have Status Error “Infinite Loop”.

Our question is, how we could clean up the data for this special task to ensure that there is no problem with this monitoring tool. We thought to clean up the webMethods table, but we didn’t know what tables and which entries to clean up - but this is prolly not the right way, maybe there is a better process?

Thank you in advance.

How your monitoring application access the task ? Instead of accepting the task you can use the service searchTasks to query the task engine.

we also recommended that a task search would also fit in this scenario, but the customer want to accept / unaccept a special task.

The monitoring application uses a JAVA API and special IS Package to get access to Tasks. The customer uses this API / package for his other application too.