App created in API Cloud not available in Gateway

This will probably be a configuration setting between the two components but I’ve created a package in GW, published it to the Portal.
Then I’ve come in as a developer ‘buying’ the package filling out my app details. I was expecting to see that app to show up in the GW with an API key.
However, it wasn’t there.

What settings between both components do I need to check?

  1. Do you have enabled approval in API Gateway?
    Please check your pending approavls.

  2. Do you see API Specific subscriptions created in API Gateway?

We’ve worked out what happened. This is API Cloud and the integration between both components should ideally be setup.
However, when you change your password upon setup, you invalidate the integration between Portal and Gateway.

So in Gateway, as an administrator, you have to re-setup the integration with the new password.