API Portal v/s API Gateway

What is the difference between API Portal and API Gateway?

Gateway is a runtime component. Portal is Developer portal that will list all the API’s that are published to it.
Just google in general for Gateway and Portal and you will find more details.

Ok. From the API Gateway User Guide there are these quotes:
"webMethods API Gateway enables an organization to securely expose APIs to external developers, partners, and other consumers for use in building their own applications on their desired platforms. "


“APIs created in API Gateway can also be published to API Portal for external facing developers’ consumption.”

So, I’m gathering that API Gateway exposes APIs for external developers and API Portal allows internal developers to publish API’s for external consumption.

Would that be correct ?? Or am I off target ??

API Gateway is your Policy enforcement Point(PEP). API Gateway is the place where you define the different security/transformation policies. API Gateway is the tool for the API Providers to define and enforce different policies for their organization needs.

Whereas API Portal is your external world facing developer portal. The main actors of API Portal would be external application developers who would would like to consume the APIs that are published from API Gateway.


That’s now starting to make sense to me.

Thanks Arul