API Monitoring

Hi Team,

Could you please anyone guide, if we Can actively Monitor API’s through API Gateway ?.

Send an email alert based on error’s and if consumer is not reachable ?

If Yes, How to Accomplish. If not whats the alternative ?


Hi Deepak,
API Gateway provides few policies like Monitor Service Performance and Monitor Service Level Aggrement at the LMT stage to monitor any API’s SLA. These policies offers a variety of predefined parameters to monitor the API performance like Total request count, success count, failure count, response times,availability of the native API etc.

You can configure a rule based on these parameters and add email as a destination so that if the rule is breached, API Gateway will trigger a email to the configured mail aliases. You can even configure the email subjects, email body usign the templates available under Administraiton–>Destinations–>Email.

If you are looking for a speecific use case to trigger an Email, you can write an ESB service and configure it at the response processing stage. In the ESB service, you can have your custom logic to validate the condition and trigger an alert.

You can refer to our community articles for more reference.