API Management on Premise

Hi everyone :wave:

How to use Software AG Internal Integration Server 10.11 ?
I already have installed Software AG webMethods v10.11.

I need it for API Management.

Please guide.

There is large amount of documentation that covers all of the ways one can use the wM suite, including Integration Server. Answers on a tech forum are going to be woefully inadequate. :slight_smile:

Also, you haven’t specified if you have installed a Free Trial (I guess you did).
webMethods Integration Free Trial doesn’t include API Management.
For that please see webMethods.io API or docker hub images - softwareag/apigateway-trial - Docker Image | Docker Hub, softwareag/devportal - Docker Image | Docker Hub

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Yes @toni.petrov you are right. It is miss information from my side.

Thank you @toni.petrov and @reamon for your guidance.
Your guidance is valuable to me. I will learn from it.

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I am sure you will takeaway with lot of information…All the best and good luck!!


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