API Management : I cannot send a custom Host header to native web service

Im trying to add multiple custom headers using a new policy (Policies -> Routing -> Custom Http Header) like :

Host: toto.com
header1: val1
Header2: val2

but the invoked call is not working as expected, but when i saw the tracer i found that the added Header in the Request headers to native service call is

header1: val1
Header2: val2

So the Host header is dropped from request, Is there any reason why API Gateway is dropping the Host Header ?
Thak you.

Hi John,
I tried to simulate similar test and I can see all 3 headers are appearing in Tracer. Can you please check again and if you are still seeing the issue please share your API.


Hello Prabavathy,
Thank’s for your help, did try also override Host Headers ?

I have always the same issue :
Edit mode :

As you see here in the tracer, i find just two headers instead of 3 :

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