API Integration

  • Does the Remedy adaptor sit in the API Gateway or in the Integration Server layer?
  • Is there a separate instance of an adaptor that links to the Remedy adaptor or is all contained within the API?

I am currently creating the Architecture for our DevOps environment but don’t want to use assumptions on the SAG side of things - Please see attached PDF.

Thanks in advance,

DevOpsArchitectureV03.pdf (144 KB)

Hi Sohan,

as long as there is the package WmART available Remedy Adapter can be hosted on either instance.

Which one to choose depends on where the RemedyServer is located.


Sorry, maybe I was asking the wrong question?

See page 14 on attached PDF (Remedy Adapter install and User Guide).

Adapter sits in ‘Integration Server’

Adapters are for connecting with backend legacy systems and databases.

APIs are outward facing to enable endpoints to call upon functionality and microservices/resources via the integration server, thus, it can then connect to either an adapter to a legacy system.

The question is how is this implemented?

7-1_Remedy_Adapter_Install_and_Users_Guide.pdf (712 KB)

Hi Sohan,

when the Guide was written there only was IntegrationServer available to host ART and the Adapters bases on it.

AFAIK API Gateway is based on IntegrationServer and should be able to host the ART as well.

The question si, where the 3 servers (IntegrationServer, API Gateway and RemedyServer) are located and for which of them it will be easier to get a connection to the Remedy Server (i.e. considering firewall clearances etc.).

Can you provide a rough landscape diagram from which this can be checked?