API Gateway trail license

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Where can i get the trail license for API Gateway?

I tried the Try free option but it does not have API Gateway license key.

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Hey Sri, good to see your name pop-up. From what I’ve gathered, API-M is not available for trial yet.


The easiest way to try out API Gateway (90 day trial) is to use the docker image.

Step by step instructions here

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This will not workout for me since I need to install API Gateway for a POC.

This this URL webMethods Free Trial download

Hi Srikanth,

The two options available are:

  1. Software AG Cloud - webMethods.io API
  2. Dockerhub - Docker Hub


Thanks Toni,

webMethods.io API is Cloud hosted cannot integrate with the on-premise hosted APIs/webMethods Integrations without webMethods.io Integration.

Docker instances are ok to play around few policies and works very well with linux based hosts.

It would have been very nice to have this as installable along with the free trail.

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Installable option is available webMethods Free Trial download webMethods Free Trial download

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