API Gateway 10.1 - Unable to pass custom http headers from API Gateway to Internal IS

We are trying to pass custom HTTP header i.e. (x-Authorization) from request payload to our internal IS.

We have tried below step (attached in SS) but we are not able to.
We are able to receive other custom headers but not Authorization. (pipeline SS is attached)

Can anyone help in this regard?
We have been trying this since a couple of days but could not find a way.


Are you using 10.1? If yes, ${request.headers.Content-Type} will not work! Request/Response transformation through variables will work only from 10.2

You can use Set Custom Header policy in the Routing stage. But this will be static value. If you want to send some dynamic content, then check http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/pwiki/-/wiki/Main/Invoke+webMethods+IS+policy+in+API+Gateway+10.1+and+below