Apama Docker image availability on Docker Hub

This note is for the attention of all developers using Apama Docker images.

Docker Inc have announced the retirement of “Docker Store” and so all the Apama images are now available in the regular Docker Hub. Specifically, the Apama Docker images ‘apama-cumulocity-jre’, ‘apama-correlator’, ‘apama-builder’ are now available at ‘softwareag’ instead of within ‘store/softwareag’.

‘docker pull’ commands that were:

  • docker pull store/softwareag/apama-cumulocity-jre
  • docker pull store/softwareag/apama-correlator
  • docker pull store/softwareag/apama-builder

are now respectively:

  • docker pull softwareag/apama-cumulocity-jre
  • docker pull softwareag/apama-correlator
  • docker pull softwareag/apama-builder

Note: The location of the Docker images may change in the near future and another alert will be issued if this happens.

Developers should use the new locations when pulling the latest Apama Docker images, the images at the former location are no longer updated with fixes and/or new product versions.

If you are using Apama build scripts to create Docker images, the properties APAMA_IMAGE and APAMA_BUILDER can be set to the new path for creating Docker images from the new locations. Any custom build will need to be modified to obtain images from the new locations.