Apama 10.1 now available on Docker Store!

Apama is now available as a ready-to-go Docker image on Docker Hub (The Docker Store at the time of originally publishing).

With the 10.1 release, Software AG is starting to deliver some of the components of the Digital Business Platform as Docker images through Docker Store Hub, and Apama is one of those components. Docker images makes the components even easier to deploy and run on any infrastructure. Software AG recognizes the rapid emergence and power of container technology, in which Docker is leading the way.

Visit Docker Hub to get Apama as a Docker image.

If you use Apama as a Docker image and don’t create an image with a full commerical license file included then Apama will run with the standard Community Edition restrictions.

You can startup an empty Apama correlator by simply running the container:

docker run -dP softwareag/apama-correlator:10.1

Once Apama is running you can use the Apama utilities to deploy and manage your application. These tools are available within the softwareag/apama-correlator image and can be run by specifying them on the command line when starting the image. For example, you can use engine_watch to monitor your correlator running locally:

docker run -t -i --rm softwareag/apama-correlator:10.1engine_watch -n correlator-container

Alternatively, you can download Apama from this community website and run the tools locally to connect to your remote Docker container, using the port obtained from running docker port correlator-container . For example, you could inject your application using something like the following:

engine_inject –n myDocker.server.com –p 97531 MyApplication.mon

Please try out using Apama in a Docker image and let us know how you get on.