Apama Community Expansion

Today, we are very pleased to announce two new major features for the Apama Community to enjoy! We hope that these extensions will enable community members to more easily find and share community made resources.

Dedicated Stack Overflow tag

Apama now has it’s own tag on the popular programming forum Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow is a community moderated, public forum for discussing various problems and solutions regarding software projects. This tag will enable community members to post Apama related questions, which subscribers of the tag will be alerted to. Furthermore, the tag allows for indexing both on the site itself and via external search engines. Thus, the community will gradually build up an easily searchable corpus of useful information regarding common (and not so common!) problems for posterity. The tag is up and running right now, so now is the perfect time to submit those burning Apama questions you’ve always wanted to know the answer to!

Creations Index on GitHub

In the same vein, we now have a central location on GitHub for indexing community created content. This initiative is to provide a one-stop-shop for community members to find/share creations with each other. The repository is indexed for easy searching, and is ready to accept all sorts of submissions beyond just code, such as syntax highlighters, docker images and even tutorials. Additionally, the index only requires a link to a project, so submissions need not be also hosted on GitHub itself. We hope that community members will soon find plenty of useful content, and perhaps even contribute their own or build upon others!