Apama Advent Calendar - 03 Dec 2021 - Apama for domain experts


Many of the future tips behind the doors of this advent calendar will likely be more aimed at the IT (Developer or Ops) users, but we wanted to start by first showing how Domain Experts can gain business value through Apama Streaming Analytics.

What do we mean by “domain experts”?

Generally, someone who wants to solve a business problem using analytic models that transform or analyze streaming data, but who is not comfortable writing textual code. These people are usually specialists in their OT (not IT) field, and may sometimes be supported by others from an IT department. One example might be a expert technician from a company making automotive paint robots who needs to monitor and control the quality of their solution on a vehicle production line.

Our solution for domain experts is a capability we call the Cumulocity IoT Analytics Builder , that is powered by Apama. This visual web-based application allows the user to compose their streaming analytics model from a palette of predefined blocks . If this domain expert discovers that they need a particularly specialist block, then they would ask one of their IT colleagues to use our SDK to create a custom block and make it available in their palette. This allows the domain expert to focus on solving their business problem, rather than the underlying plumbing, and improve their time to value.

The Analytics Builder is available both in the cloud version of Cumulocity IoT, and also as a component of Cumulocity IoT Edge.

Below are are references to information to help you get started:

What real-time business problem will you solve today with Cumulocity IoT Analytics Builder?

This is Day #3 of a short series of brief tips, tricks, hints and reminders of information relating to the Apama Streaming Analytics platform, both from Software AG as well as from the community.
This series of articles will be published Monday-Friday only, with the occasional weekend bonus.

I’m also reminded of one of my favorite marketing videos that features Streaming Analytics from the painting use case mentioned in the original post. Note that this is a link to a video that is not managed by Software AG, so the link could break in future.
DXQequipment.analytics – Data recording and analysis - YouTube

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