Apache forward requests to MWS

We have the following configuration.
2 Apache Web servers, 2 MWS and 1 hardware load balancer.
The load balancer is infornt of the Apache web servers and each apache web server talks to one MWS respectively.
The communication between Apache and MWS happens on AJP port.

When we hit the load balancer url then the MWS custome login page is shown without any problems. After the credentials are entered then “The webpage cannot be displayed” is shown. If we hit the same url again then the MWS page is shown correctly. If the user credentials are wrong then we get the user authentication failed error correctly.

Few observations are:

  1. When MWS receives the request from Apache the load balancer url is appended with the port number. There
    is no setting to append the port on Apache configuration.
  2. When the page cannot be displayed is shown, the url has the port number and if we remove the port number and click enter then the page is properly shown.

Any idea on why MWS does not show the page when the user is authenticated first time.


Hi Sarvan,
Have you resolved your issue? Are you using apache as a reverse proxy for MWS server?