Any way to identify ports used on a machines?

Is there any way to identify or list all the ports that are already used by different applications on a PC? There are too many applications using ports and I don’t know which port has been used by which application.

How is this question related to webMethods or to SOA Service development? Perhaps Google would be a good resource.


Have you tried the unix “netstat” command? I think the “-a” option gives all ports which then you can filter further with a grep pipe. For example:

% netstat -a |grep abc

I believe this question is relevant to webMethods product in that many of its products require that an unused port be allocated, therefore a tool is needed to tell me which ports are already in use.

BTW, on my Solaris system the “netstat” command cannot be executed by non-root users (not me). What is the equivalent of netstat on Windows?

“What is the equivalent of netstat on Windows?” netstart command will work on windows/cmd as well…If i understood your question correctly…


netstat works on windows as well although “grep” doesn’t.:uhoh: There are also numerous freeware utilities for windows that will show you used ports. Try Google.