any license needed to work with the open caf

hi … looking for more details of working out with Open Caf. Please let me know how i can kick start with the Open CAF.

I don’t think they have provided any learning version for CAF.
Even in latest release for 9.8 CAF component is not there.
They have provided one BPMS free trial ,I think it may contain CAF.
But image is availabe for Linux system and windows server system installation only.

Lets see whats others say,if any one else have got any link for downloading free CAF component.



OpenCAF is not a training version for the regular CAF, but more likely it is intended as a lightweight, more flexible version which can be used in parallel to or instead of regular CAF.

Currently I am not quite sure if it has been introduced with 9.8 in April 2015 or if it will be introduced with the upcoming release in autumn 2015.


anyone find some sample implementation which we can refer .

Thanks in advance