any idea about class

Iam trying to extract data from db tables thru developer(using select adapter service template) and put that data in to a java client-jsp page.webMethods returns an IData object but when i try to get the value using IdataCursor.getValue() for the first element i get an object of type class.I dont see this in the API.Ia ssume it as some impl class-factory class?not sure
Now i need to get the data out from this object n store it in to java objects.
please help

Page 37 of the ISJSPGuide.pdf talks a little bit about what you are trying to do. Here is one of my code snippets. Maybe it will help.

    String stimeDifference = null; idcPipeline = null;
    try {
      idcPipeline = webm_pipe.getCursor();
      stimeDifference =,"timeDifference" );
    } catch (Exception e) {
        // Do stuff
    } finally {
        if ( idcPipeline != null ) {
          idcPipeline = null;
        webm_pipe = null;

hey thanks
i figured out the problem.I was dealing wiht array of Idatas -so did a type cast to IData
it worked