Any changes in SmartREST with version 1016

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SmartREST problems with sending measurements

Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?



does someone know if there were any changes in version 1016 for SmartREST? We got problems with sending measurements with different kinds of devices.Also with older devices without any changes of firmware or something else.



There were no changes with intended API impact in SmartREST.

Can you explain a little bit more about the problems with sending measurements? Ideally with examples of what exactly is sent, which templates are used, and which error messages are received.

Our devices create the template and contains only “NUMBERS”. It seems that numbers like 092117262023 make now the problems, see the leading zero. But we didn´t that problem before.
Unfortunately I do not have the exact error message.

Numbers with leading zeroes are generally not allowed in JSON data. This also applies to data sent via SmartREST because the data ultimately ends up in a JSON based document. So I’d recommend ensuring that numbers are sent without leading zeros.

I do however recognize that in earlier versions we allowed such data and simply ignored leading zeroes before persisting. In fact we have already have already discovered this exact case and changes to allow leading zeros again are already underway.