Measurement data streaming

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Hi all,
in open API documentation there is a subnav-element “Data streaming”: Cumulocity IoT - OpenAPI Specification

Using stream JSON parsers like Java JsonParser or JavaScript Oboe.js parsers allows transmitting high data volumes in a single request.

But when I use it, I don´t get more data. It is still limited to 2000 per page. I added " Accept: application/json-stream" to my request header but it seems that nothing change. Where is the difference to a not stream request?

thx for help



Hi Helmut,

this accept header Accept: application/json-stream does not change the output format or limitation of 2000 measurements per page. Moreover it changes the behavior the client is receiving the measurements.

When using this header you get a measurement stream, meaning one-by-one and the client does not have to wait for a complete response.
The" normal" behavior is that it will execute a query on the DB, calculate the response and send the full response to the client when ready → client has to wait until all measurements are retrieved.

Let me know if you have additional questions about it!


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