Announcing The General Availability of webMethods Mobile Designer 8.2

Mobile-enabling your business processes can be a time consuming and expensive task. With so many different operating systems and devices, extending your systems into the mobile space globally can take a tremendous investment in manpower and in-house knowledge.

webMethods Mobile Designer changes that. You develop your mobile experience only once and then deploy it on any mobile device, from an iPad to an Android™ to a Blackberry®, at the click of a button.

With webMethods Mobile Designer, you can:

  • Get your applications to mobile users faster
  • Develop once, deploy on any mobile device
  • Give mobile users the experience they expect on any device—from an IPad to a Blackberry
  • Cut development and maintenance costs by eliminating the problem of mobile fragmentation at all levels
  • Assure access to all the latest handset features as they are released