Analytics builder model : doesn"t count all the events

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analytical builder model doesn’t count or receive the events in a right way

Detailed explanation of the problem:

the KPI widget is showing just 2 events while I received 7 events

here you zill find the counted events

and in this picture you will find the not counted events ::::

Error messages / full error message screenshot / log file

the model doesn’t count all the events ;;;;
today : i received 7 events (i saw them in postman also i verified them in the device management as you see ) ; but
not all of them is being counted through the analytical model

please see comment too i have added other screenshot for the problem to explain better : smiling_face_with_tear:

this you will see example of events ; may it helps to solve the issues

Is your question related to the free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?


Have you installed all the latest fixes for the products and systems you are using?


@Nadezhda.Rusenova @Felix.Schaede :eyes:


Have you got ignore timestamp checked? Without this it’s possible that events considered ‘old’ are not processed.

YES because I need only the new data

I think the problem might be that the Event input block produces a Pulse and the the Counter block does not count these properly. In the past I suggested using a “Constant Value” block in between the two blocks:

i have tried this but still not Working ;

Can you share the actual model here? With “not working” you mean it is still only counting some events?

model 1 ==================>




model 2 ==================>

model 3 ==================>



both the second and the third model work for me. What is the exact problem that you observe? Some events are not counted? Can you see a pattern in what is counted and what is not?

Few things to observe:

  • Did you check about timestamps and “Ignore timestamps” as Robert suggested? In your screenshot, “Ignore timestamp” is off. This means that if an event arrives a few seconds delayed from its timestamp it will be dropped.
  • Can you double check that the type of the event is indeed “UDI-Event” by using the REST API?

yes sure "UDI-Event” is the required event to be counted ; I just copy paste from REST API

the only thing special in those events that the device was in configuration or something like this …

and about the timestamp ; ;if there is a delay ; it’s egal to 0.1 seconds

I have checked the timestamp ; and i will verify if it’s work or nah

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