An Exception was thrown in the server:pub/resources/PubExceptionBundle

Hi ,

we are using wM 10.1 version, I encountered an exception in server.log . Can you explain in detail and why it occured in integration server. After restarting the server , there is no trace of the above error.

If any other solution please recommend.

Thank you in advance.


Hi @nikil ,
Please use the template and provide more details , there isn’t enough information to go forward here.

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level are you on?

  • More details about installation, is it only Integration Server or are there more products installed in the same directory? Add the core fix level as well

What are you trying to achieve? Please describe it in detail.

  • Is the error noticed only in the server log or does it occur when a particular sequence of steps are performed?

Do you get any error messages? Please provide a full error message screenshot and log file.

  • More details about the error , are there entries in the error log which show the full stacktrace of the error. This can be obtained by navigating to Logs->Error ->Expand stacktrace from the Administrator UI.

Have you installed all the latest fixes for the products and systems you are using?

  • Often problems are resolved in later core fixes, provide more details about exact core fix you are on.

More details will lead to faster resolution.


Thank you for quick response Nagendra

Current Product Version & Fix Level
Product Version → Integration Server 10.1, SAP Adapter 7.1, JDBC Adapter_9.10
Fix Level → IS_10.1_Core_Fix3, SAP_7.1_Fix18, JDBC_9.10_Fix8

First of all, we find the below error in server.log.

It occurred it until restart the IS server

And, it also occurred the error in wrapper.log.

After restarting the server , it is working properly.


A couple of observations

  • I’m afraid there still isn’t information here to go on. There are two errors that I see in the server.log, a Messaging trigger failing at 10:15 and another issue at 10:23, these point to possibly a corrupt installation since there are missing classes.
  • The time stamps in the server.log and the wrapper log do not match, the nullpointerexception in the wrapper.log at wm.monitor.admin.imageCleanup is not connected to the errors in server.log.
  • The fix level IS_10.1_Core_Fix3 is pretty old and there have been a lot more core fixes after that which may not have the same issues, I would suggest you check the same scenarios with later core fixes.


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once again Thank you Nagendra.

I’ll try to install latest fixes and Check it.

One more Clarification needed from you

when there is a lack of resources, the IS may be restarted with an unexpected error ?

Please provide brief explanation on above queries


Resources can mean memory, threads etc., it is not clear what you are referring to. Restarting IS can reload some configurations/libraries resulting in some errors going away. However, if the errors continue to occur, then it would be best to figure out what is the scenario that is causing errors than looking at an error message in the server.log


resource means threads, and also is there any case that Integration server restarts automatically, if any please explain.

Thank you Nagendra


Hi Nikhil,

as far as I know IS will only restart automatically by itself when the JVM hostiing the IS crashes for some reason.
In this case the Tanuki wrapper will take care for spawning a new JVM and restart the IS.
This can be noticed in the profiles/IS_default/logs/wrapper.log. The lines for the first JVM start with “jvm 1” and the lines for the new JVM start with “jvm 2”.

Threads can be configured in IS Admin under Settings → Resources, the default values are min=10 and max=75 but I usually increase this to min=100 and max=500 for my ISes with 2GB Java memory.


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Got clarity, i referred to this also

Thank you Thomsen

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