Alternative to Fixed User credentials for Products and Credentials Screen

Can Command Central be configured to use LDAP or SAML authentication for each product (installation) in the environment rather entering ‘Fixed User’ credentials?

Why is the authentication screen show a different data and behavior based on the how I navigate to it. (Refer to the attached)

These two are completely different things:

A - Authentication for IS from SPM managing this IS
B - Authentication for SPM from CCE

A supports trusted/SAML based authentication and it is used by default
B started to support trusted/SAML based auth only for 10.0 SPM’ so it is not enabled by default and not possible to use with older SPM’s

Most managed runtimes already support trusted auth by default so there is no need to configure anything for them

Auth with SPM can be configured using wild cards from CLI:

sagcc add security credentials nodeAlias=MyEnvNode* runtimeComponentId=SPM-CONNECTION username=Administrator password=somepass

The longer term plan is to switch SPM auth to TRUSTED so it does not depend on the SPM’s Administrator password