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My team recently took over support for a webMethods platform running on IS 10.7 which does not have MWS, UM or process engine. In terms of monitoring, we are accustomed to using the business process monitoring functionality in MWS in order to track down jobs and be able to monitor and resubmit them. Unfortunately, on this platform it is not foreseen for now to have MWS/UM/process engine installed. My question is, are there any alternatives that can provide the same functionalities in terms on monitoring? For now, it is possible to send data to an Elasticsearch server and be able to monitor the transfers using Kibana but somehow it is not the same experience. Do you know if there is any kind of plugin for Elasticsearch/Kibana which can group together log entries and allow us to visualize the entries in a similar way like it does for the MWS business process monitoring in MWS?


Hi @niemand23 - it’s possible. Lot of customers have done this. There is plugin available, this might be useful - webMethods Fleet (Kraft Software Solutions) - YouTube

Why not use the built in service audit ?
You can then query it via the API provided by the WmMonitor package ?

Lot less expensive than ELK as you can use mySQL, you have a monitor specific type API and you can filter on custom context id or logged fields.



I am looking for something similar to business process monitoring in MWS, meaning the ability to visualize a diagram of the executed steps, see the pipeline when a job failed and also be able to resubmit the step.
We are already able to send data to ElasticSearch via http but I would also like an ELK plugin which would group together log entries based on for instance a job transaction id and allow us to perform actions like resubmit/restart jobs.
I can start working on an UI which would reproduce the process instance monitoring platform but I don’t have time for this, which is why I wanted to know if this is already available :slight_smile: , and if possible open source.


You don’t need ELK to build your UX.
The service audit also includes the following attributes that will allow you to build the service hierarchy. I used to have an iPhone app to do exactly what you want and it used the WmMonitor APIs to do it.

The attributes are
context id - Unique id for each service execution.
parent context id - the context id of the calling service.
root context id - Unique id for all services belonging to the same tranasaction, i.e. external call. The cool thing is that the root context id propagated when using messaging (both native/JMS) and hence you can even trace async calls!

The fleet config example is based on Business Console, which required MWS and is based on technology that is old and not recommended for new developments.

Remember also that WmMonitor (as of 10.7) comes with a new UX that replaces the service monitoring provided via MWS and includes resubmission. If there are any features that you want added please visit our ideas portal here.


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