Alternative For Custom SOAP Processor


I am migrating a few services from webMethods 6.1 to webMethods 9.5.

As part of existing implementation a custom SOAP processor has been registered. As part of this registered SOAP Processor a service has been implemented which has
Input: “soapRequestData” and “soapResponseData”
Output: soapResponseData

As per the built in service guide of webMethods 9.5 this functionality of registering a custom SOAP processor no longer exists.
So looking for an equivalent implementation/solution in 9.5.

This being a technical migration, can’t ask end applications to change anything except the URL.

Any kind of help is much appreciated.


Custom soap processor was deprecated way back in 7.x. Migrating from 6.1 to 9.5 is a huge jump, and one should probably look at changing such custom code and make use of out of the box features/standards. There will always be a question on custom logic like this, whether or not this is supported etc.,

Though you are moving to 9.5, there is already 9.9 available in the market and your questions would keep following all versions.


Thanks Senthil for the quick reply.
All you said holds true. What I am looking for is an equivalent/similar functionality in 9.x version.
As I already said, end application can’t change anything except the URL.
Any pointers towards that would be of great help.


Its been while since i last worked on this, I think you might be able to do your custom soap processing using SOAP Request Handler services. You might want to read up on it in the web services guide. Do you need this because of custom headers in the SOAP message?

I think you can use a handler to intercept the SOAP message between the calling client and the native service. You need to assign this handler to the provider WSD.