All hype, or actually relevant? Software AG’s Technology Radar offers guidance

As digitalization progresses, existing technologies continue to develop—and it’s important to keep an eye on the potential of innovations, too. What will establish itself in the long term? Which trends are emerging on a permanent basis? As one of Europe’s leading technology companies, we at Software AG are constantly evaluating the latest developments and technologies and reviewing them for their relevance. With our new Technology Radar, we are making our findings and assessments available to the public for the first time.

One hype follows closely on the heels of another, and the technology sector is particularly prone to exaggeration. We want to offer some guidance, so our Technology Radar aims to rate innovations based on their actual value proposition,

says Bernd Gross, CTO. The Radar provides companies with clear recommendations for action. Which technology deployment will take them into the future, and which one leads to a dead end? Which trends are worth investing in now? Relying on its many years of expertise, we deliver answers to these questions.

Both the level of detail as well as its focus on IoT and integration lift the Technology Radar head and shoulders above the other formats. Moreover, the Technology Radar as an opportunity to open a dialogue as well as impetus for engaging with and discussing innovative new technologies. The Radar separates technologies into quadrants:

  • Connectivity & Protocols,
  • Information Management & Persistence,
  • Analytics & Serving, and
  • Programming, Hosting, Operating.

Distinguishing between four levels, the radar makes a recommendation as to what extent companies should adopt the respective technology—or not—and reflects on the current and future market situation. At the same time, the Technology Radar highlights how relevant the individual technology is for the IoT (including analytics) and integration (including API management) sectors.

Currently, the Technology Radar rates 24 technologies—including the programming language Rust, artificial intelligence, and Gaia-X, the data and open source software infrastructure. The list of rated technologies will be updated continually.

Software AG’s Technology Radar is available online at at no cost.

Technology Radar for IoT and Integration

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