Aliasing the Endpoints


Is it possible to alias the endpoints of a provider service ? If so is it possible to accomplish virtualization of this service to a different webservice provider on a different server and platform.
What i mean here is if a request invoke is made to a provider service , is it possible to route this request directly to the alias which points to a different target server using end point aliases?

Do let me know.


From IS 7.1 WS developer’s guide, page 14:
Define one or more “aliases” to be used with dynamic endpoint addressing for both
provider and consumer Web services. For a provider Web service descriptor, the alias
is used to populate the endpoint address of the Web service when generating the
WSDL. For a consumer Web service descriptor, the alias is used at runtime, when a
Web service connector is invoked, to determine the actual endpoint address of the
web service and/or to supply user credentials to be used with the request.

this is the case only for 7.0 or later.