Ajax as a driver of ServicesOriented Architecture

Ajax is a technology that I have bumped into a few times over the last several months, but haven’t (yet) needed to learn in my normal course of work.

According to it’s Wikipedia entry, Ajax or Asynchronous JavaScript And XML is a standardized approach to building rich client applications that depends on having a service-oriented architecture of some sort to provide the business logic.

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It would also be good to head over to theserverside to read many articles related to this technology. A search with “ajax” will be back articles the likes of:

‘AJAX in Action’ on JavaRSS

Backbase publishes “AJAX and Beyond” whitepaper

Java Blueprints Solutions Catalogue AJAX EA Samples Released

Sun Blueprints starts to address AJAX in J2EE

Ajax using XMLHttpRequest and Struts example online

These are some things that can wet the appetite of those considering going this path in SOA and related development. To point in the direction of webmethods, you may now look away from using some of the ugly jsp pages created since the yester-year. Good day.

Here is the Loosely Coupled take on Ajax and other things. http://www.looselycoupled.com/blog/ . It’s not anti-AJAX but it does go into mediation or a “Fabric” layer. A good read.

Just another perspective.