Aggregation various elements to separate elements


I’m having a question about aggregation of the payload and information required on the fly.


To be aggregated with:


The result should be:


So it’s not just a matter of replacing a whole set of nodes but node by node.

I’ve tried some things and the basic question is how to call multiple aggregations in one step, eg nesting.
The following doesn’t work, but shows what I would like to do…



Hi Marcel;

If you have to use the old pre 7.3 aggregation models, then I would reckon you are better off using a stylesheet i.e. paste the entire subtree into the original document and sort it out with XSL.
Have you looked at version 7.3? there is no longer an aggregation model per se, just a set of statements. Interesting for you is the statement, which is a child of the statement and has ‘cut’ and ‘paste’ attributes (just like the old aggregation model). You can have as many of these statements in each replicant - which is in effect exactly what you are asking for.

Is there a way to get hold of the 7.3 version?

And then I mean for a non-SAG employee…
Since this functionallity is crucial for the product we’re developing at the moment and will save me lots of time.


Hi Marcel,
this in general is possible.
But please take under consideration the release is already planned for beginning of March.
If the customer want’s to use the new version (for non productional environment only) a Beta test contract could be signed. This is a requirement, because we could be blaimed if the product, which is not yet released, destroys the machine of the customer and other legal aspects.
What I would like to know from your side is how intensiv the customer is using Mediator (e.g. number of sequences etc.). Also I’d like to know, whether the customer already used a previous version before.