Advantages of over file read.

Hi All,

I would like to know whether there is any advantages using over reading config files of interfaces during runtime. Let’s say a client has around 90 interfaces and each interface has its own config XML file and there is a generic service that reads these XML files on names by usual getFile,bytesToString,stringToNode, nodeToDocument. Half the interfaces are scheduled and they all read their config XML file each time they run on average frequency of 30 -60 seconds. No matter whether data is present or not but still they read. Plus the other interfaces too.

Now I know the services insert/retrieve information from repository data stores. What if I’m planning to read all these config data at once and load them into the repository data store during server start-up. And then use the storage services to retrieve the required config details using their keys during runtime. Is there any document that explains in detail about this other than the built-in reference guide?

Even though I’m not seeing any performance issues right now but seeing the increase in number of interfaces and again the number of file reads are also going to increase, would this new design be of any help?

Please pitch in your thoughts of any advantages/disadvantages over each other in sense of memory consumption, overall performance of interfaces, etc.,.

Open to any advice, just for a brainstorm.



**Note: I searched the forums for storage key word but gone thru only 5-6 pages of results, so please redirect me to the thread that you may know of this has been discussed earlier.

read about services memory cache & prefetch on wm documentation

Thanks ayell_armstrong for your quick response.

I agree with ayell, caching is probably more appropriate here than is