Advantages & Disadvantages in WebMethods Upgrade

Hi All,
Currently we are using webMethods version 7.1.2 .We are planning to upgrade to webMethods 9.5.

What will be advantages & disadvantages in the webMethods upgrade???

Please Suggest me.


As far as I know, 7.1.2 reached the End-of-Support cycle. You have no choice but to upgrade :slight_smile:

I suggest you to upgrade to 9.6, as it has better features of command central, cloudstream, MFT, elastic ESB, etc. More at: The Web page cannot be found

Regarding advantage/disadvantage we need to understand your requirement. If I get you question correctly, you want to know what challenges you face during 7.1.2 to 9.X migration.

Please clarify.



As Rankesh said I don’t think that you will have disadvantages in the webMethods upgrade. But you have many advantages in-terms of performance, capability, efficiency, product bug fixes and many more…

It is always better to upgrade your wM and be up to date :slight_smile:

Thanks Rankesh & Mahesh for the Info.

1)Deperecated services need to find manually and have to replace them with appropriate services.

2)Testing need to be done after the migration.

other than the above points,

What challanges will i have to face in the upgrade process?


There are multiple aspect of upgrade, I try to list down a few. I strongly suggest to follow:

In addition to list you mentioned:

  1. Check the custom java code / jars / external APIs compatibility with java 1.7.X
  2. Adapter driver change
  3. Change in settings due to newer version of SOAP / SSH/TTL
  4. DB compatibility
  5. Change in BPM from native broker to JMS
  6. Command Central for Server Administration
  7. Mashzone integration and Optimize phase out.
    and many more…



Yes there are tons of changes and component add-ons in the 9.5 as listed above ofcourse it’s all depends on what components you are at present and in the future be…If you are on straight forward IS/TN/Broker/MWS nothing much affect in the migration 712 → 9.5 (not many deprecated services but it needs thorough Integration/smoke testing)