AddTarget Option is Disabled on CentraSite

Hi All,

I am creating a Target Endpoint on centraSite,But the option is disabled.


i went through the above path but The AddTargets option is Disabled.

if any body have an idea on this please give some solution as soon as possible.


What version of CentraSite are you using? As of about v9.5, you have to use the Business User Interface (BUI) to maintain all run time related capabilities, including managing Gateways. Targets are deprecated and their functionality is contained within the new Gateways.

I am facing similar issue in 9.9 version. Any solution.

Hello Pankaj,

As mentioned by Douglas Kelly in the below comment, You have to start using the Business UI interface which is a new flavour of user interface with CentraSite Control being deprecated and most of the functionality can be achevied using the BUI interface.

You can login to BUI with the below uri

http:///<CentraSite_Host>:CSPort/BusinessUI and then browse through the manage governance rules to add a new gateway which is the new terminology for target.

you can get more information in the product documentation of CentraSite.

Please refer page # 61 from the below documentation.

Sesha Sai