Adding Multiple paths in PSUtilities

Hello everybody,

Has anybody used PSUtilities with multiple paths in allowedReadPaths? I am not able to read the 2nd directory in the allowedReadPaths. I can read the first directory and not the 2nd . I am I making any mistake in mentioning the path in the “allowedReadPaths”

I am I doing anything wrong here in allowedReadPaths. Please help me out if anybody knows it.

allowedWritePaths /home/aaa/bbbb/files/Archive/Bankofamerica/Archive
allowedReadPaths /home/aaa/bbbb/files/Archive/Bankofamerica/Boa_123456789_January.Bai2*/xxx/data/ppp/webMethods6/filepo
allowedDeletePaths /home/aaa/bbbb/files/Archive/Bankofamerica
allowedCommands property1cmd.exe /c dirproperty3
allowedServices pub.flow:debugLogservice2Test.JDBC:testExplicitLOCALNOMix*Test.JDBC:testExplicitLOCALNOMix_2
maxSleep 60000

Thank you,
Priyatham Porika