Adding Multiple Document list to a Excel sheet

I Have A service Whcih will give me output as a Document list and there will be around 5 Document list which i will be having .I need to Insert Each doc list in seperate worksheet in Excel .Can any one help me on this.

Hi Rahul,

You can try below steps.
1)Loop over each document list and concat the contents in a string using makeString service adding tab as separator.

2)Ftp this sting in .xls format to a particular loction.
These steps should be followed for all the doc lists.


Hi Amol,

Thanks for the reply ,Actually I have Around 10 Doc Lsit and i want the Content of each Doc list to be there in Sepearet worksheet of a Excel .

Can u Please Suggest me what needs to be done for that.

You will need to get a library to write Excel files (there are a few to choose from) and add that into Integration Server. Then write Java services to interact with that library to write the file you need.

A tab delimited file is not an “.xls format”. This will not do what Rahul is asking for.

Thanks Reamon, I will try this.

writing a text file with .xls/xlsx fomat will never work …

look for HSSF POI in google … the java code available will help you in writing excel from webMethods. …

i have done the same long back by creating excel from webMethods…

Cheers !!!