Adding Dynamic Attribute To Role

Hi all,
I tried to add an dynamic attribute to a role with modifyrole web services.

I use “http://myhost:8585/services/command/modifyrole?wsdl” service.

The input parameters of this service are :

  • principalAttributeProviderID
  • principalURI
  • roleProps (key-value)

For principalAttributeProviderID I tried these inputs:

  1. pap.role.attribmap (PAP_ROLE_DYNAMIC_ATTRS)
  2. pap.user.role.member (PAP_USER_ROLES)
  3. /meta/default/wm_pap_attrib_map/0000004406

For principalURI :

  1. URI value
  2. directoryPrincipalID value
  3. thingID value
  4. directoryURI value

For roleProps :
key : attributeName
value attributeValue

Although all of these testing, I could not done it. I could not add an attribute to a role with modifyrole web service.

But I can add attribute successfuly with My webMethods Portal.

Does anybody know how can I use modifyrole web service?
I really need this functionality as soon as possible…

Thanks in advance…

Could you add dynamic attributes? I am facing the same problem. But I am doing it suing API. I could add one row of attributes, subsequen rows overwrites the previous one. So I always has one row.