Adding a File Relationship for 2 ADABAS files, Constraint Attributes

My team is currently creating a new accounting system from scratch. This is on a mainframe, using Construct for Natural. By adding the file relationships to Predict, we can cut down on the amount of manual coding.

We have been through all documentation for Construct and Predict and can not seem to find any documentation for the File Relationships “Constraint Attributes”. We try PF1 and ‘?’ in the field and the help does not work. We did find out if you enter an invalid value, it will display a list of valid values, but no information about what each value does.
_ C Cascade
_ L Suffix as line-nr
_ N re-Number suffix
_ R Restrict
_ S Set NULL
_ ’ ’ (none)

Does anyone have documentation on What each of these values does in regard to the File Relationship. C, for Cascade is kind of obvious, but would still like to have Software AG’s actual documentation for these fields.

Seems like Software AG’s documentation for predict and construct is slowly going away.

Predict documentation doesn’t have much detail on Constraint Attributes, but Construct documentation is specific in its requirements for them:

Thanks for the link. I think I have read thru this once and did not get much meaning out of it. I will re-read. Just wish they had the kind of documentation they had 20 years ago for predict and construct.

Thanks for your help!