Add new fields to file

How to add new fields to the file thru jcl?


My goal to add new fields to file 134. (example)

I used the utility is ADADBS. Check step2 (RESTFILM).
The parameter file is ‘TSSDN.SL9.JOBS(DBS220AD)’.

I submitted RESTFILM but getting error from output as:

A D A S A V: Error occurred during execution:

ERROR-138, File 134 not found on save tape

       Supply a correct input dataset containing the specified      
       file, or remove the file number from the parameter list.     

Pl. see the attached file.


For_Forum_AddFileld.rtf (4.19 KB)

Your attached JCL doesn’t even reference a file 134. It references file 21, and in the parm dataset it ***'s out the file number as a sample and should not be run as is.

The JCL you shared saves file 21 from one database, restores it to another (have to assume so with different procs), and unlocks file 21.

Where does file 134 come in here?

I underscore my prior recommendation. I know we all try things we don’t fully understand, and I have run my share of ill-advised jobs, but I think there are some really basic things you need to understand even just at a JCL level let alone a utility level, plus some site-specific things like Adabas utility procs and parms.

I don’t feel confident that you understand this at a basic level with what you’ve shared. We are willing to help, and sorry if I sound mean, but I think I am being helpful to you and the company that hired you by saying this. Please get training first.