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Dear forum members,

This is my first post here. I am a Java Developer by background .Now have been pulled into WebMethods. I’m facing a blocking issue .We are reading an xml file and it has plenty of attributes related to trade . We pick few AS-IS,few we hard-code and rest we transform based on the business logic. Now this was an existing flow which was working. I ended up doing some changes and it stopped working thereafter :frowning: . I’ve tried each and everything in my knowledge but to no avail. Can you guys please help

I’ve attached the snapshots for reference. Also in the output we’re getting the first column as recordDate .I’m not sure how is that getting calculated. We want trade date in the first column but that gets changed to record date and the entry as record24. can someone give me some pointers or suggest where i could be going wrong.

P. S: I’ve given a shot to debugging but no luck. Maybe i’m missing a very basic step. Awaiting your reponses.

Attachment Details :

FX_RET_MAP_HEADERS : Flow which we are trying to add headers to the csv which is not working.
Actual : Current State
Expected :We want to achieve this

Hi Mohit,

when defining FlatFIle Dictionarx and schema there should be an option to mark first line as header line.

When changing any part of the FlatFile diefinition (dictionary, schema, doctype), please reload the package to get the modifications activated.

Please provide your wM version with Fixes applied (esp. Fixes for prefix WFF).

Can you provide screenshots of your flat file dictionary and schema definitions?

See Flat-File Developers Guide for further informations.