Add Fields

Env: Adabas 6 on Red Hat
Is it possible to add a new field into a group already defined?

So, if fdt of file10 is:


How can I add a new field at level 2 under GA group ?

not directly.

One technique I used (works with PE’s also):

  • modify the standard length of an adjacent field (e.g. change AB from 5 to 10)
  • unload/decompress the file
  • change FDT to add “02,AC,5,A” after AB
  • recompress and reload using the new FDT

If you need to add a numeric field, then have a program populate the new bytes with appropriate data before unloading the file.

There is a product from CCA Software Pty Ltd (available through various partners worldwide) called ADAREORG which makes this process easier.

From CCA’s website, they offer an open systems flavour of this product:

Hopefully SAG will allow this post to stand since they do not offer a competing product, even though this is in reference to a third party product.