add and remove row buttons for Table -- not working


i have created a content provider with auto refresh = true and returns 4 rows .

in the content provider i added

1 first column with – “select all rows checkbox” in header
– “select row checkbox” in contents and also – “select row on click” .

2 second column with – “add row button” and
general properties
Row - “_next”
Add Last Row Only - “false”


a "remove row button"and
general properties
Row - “_this”
Add Last Row Only - “false”

But the buttons dont work .


Please help …

Jasmeen Kaur

i have now made below updates -

1 Row Id (content provider) - Bounded to one of the field that should be unique
2 Support Template Row (content provider) - true
3 Set the For property of add row button - async table name

still - add row button and remove row button > not working .

waiting for reply …

Jasmeen Kaur

have changed the type of control in the async table to an input text ,

also table is within the Form as per >

still no help …

Jasmeen Kaur

Please have a look at the attached doc. It is task centric but at least it walks through one approach for adding and removing rows in a table.

Updatable_Table_in_Task.doc (449 KB)

its working , souu cool

thanks for the clear step wise document

very helpful

Jasmeen Kaur