Adastrip Jcl failure

Good Day
I have a situation where I execute jcl to run an adastrip which abends with b37 and crates a dump but the job does not abend it continues until it cancelled and would like to know why this is so ?
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mfdp611j.txt (127 KB)

ADASTRIP is not a Software AG product, so you should look to your ADASTRIP supplier rather than this forum to resolve issues.

On the other hand, B37-04 is a DASD availability problem. (Again, not a SAG issue.) Your primary/secondary allocations were too small for GAMP.MFD611.STRIP.G189U1.D170528, or the operating system was unable to provide the full allocations, or it ran out of extents. Look to your DASD folks for a solution. It may be a matter of specifying a different data class or additional units.