Adapter Tool kit Version 6.5

Hi Folks,
I am trying to install and work with the webMethods Adapter Tool kit Version 6.5.I am unable to start the ‘Sample Adapter’ connection and it shows ‘Unable to configure the connection manner’ and also not able to Execute the the script startSampleServer.start.Am unable to locate the two jar files 1) IntegrationServer_directory\lib\client.jar and 2) IntegrationServer_directory\lib\server.jar. Coullnd’t find them in advantage too.

Please guide me on how to get the two jar files as I could not find these over the web.Also If anyone can provide me a sample documentation that gives a demo of how to work with the webMethods Adapter Tool kit then that wil be great.
Any pointers will be highly appreciated.

There is a change in the file names:
wm-isclient.jar will be at \common\lib
wm-isserver.jar will be at \IntegrationServer\lib