Adapter to send/receive ISO 8583 messages via a TCP/IP port.

Hi All,
I have a requirement to send/receive ISO8583 messages from Utility Systems via a TCP/IP port. Can anybody tell me is there any TCP/IP adapter to acheive this?

I was able to find an adapter developed in wM 7.x version(Zengin Adapter), but now they have stopped its support. Can anyone tell, will there be any problem if we use it in wM 8.2.2 version. Was it stable?
I feel TCP/IP port level communication is pretty common, hence there should be a workaround. Any pointers in this would be very helpful.

Note:My client has a C - code which was written earlier. Can we use it by any chance?


Out of the box, there is no TCP/IP adapter available with webMethods. You can write some custom java code to communicate thru’ tcp/ip… Zengin adapter was created for Japanese requirement I think, and it is customized for them…-Senthil